Hemingways 2020 Mobile Phone Video Competition

capture the fun 2


Best Mobile Phone Video Competition for  2020

Following onto last year’s CAPTURE THE MOOD! video competition we are again looking for a winner this year. This time we want you to capture fun! and we will make it super easy for everybody to participate. Our CAPTURE THE FUN!!! Best Mobile Phone Video competition for  2020 commences on 1 October 2019.

Other than last year we are not at all looking for techically sophisticated productions. Show us your special moment or a special place or a special event. Bring us action and spike it with a bit of drama or humor and you will be ready to be a winner.

The 1st five winners will all receive Hemingways Loyalty Reward Points

  Hemingways Points Cash Value Item Market Value
1st Prize 320 N70 833 Mobile Phone N85 000
2nd Prize 160 N35 417 Air Peace – Return economy flight between any two of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt (book one month ahead) N42 000
3d Prize 75 N16 667 Dinner for two @ any Barcelos N20 000
4th Prize 56 N12 500 Shoprite Shopping voucher N15 000

Instead of redeeming the Ponts for the product, it can be exchanged for cash at the indicted Cash Value. Note that you get much more value for your Points if used for our Promotions.




  1. 1.Only members’ near families and Hemingways staff may participate
  2. 2.Shooting must be done between 1 OCTOBER 2019 and 31 MARCH 2020
  3. 3.The closing day for receiving videos is 15 APRIL 2020
  4. 4.The winner will be announced on 31 MAY 2020
  5. 5.Videos may be posted by Hemingways for evaluation on YouTube
  6. 6.We reserve the right to change aspects of this competition any time, should it be in the interest of the objectives of the competition.  This is supposed to be fun and a celebration by members of Hemingways
  7. 7.Points can be exchanged for cash at the indicated Cash Value